Chapter 1 – The Process

First sketch of the smallest fish

The first sketch of the smallest fish in the world

Almost four years ago I started doing story boards for the smallest fish with the biggest name. Above is the first two pages or what I will now call the first chapter. As I mentioned in my twitter account Chapter 1 will be called “Boo”. So in the process of creating this book I have made some headway by changing pages to chapters. And now I will introduce you to my obsession with nautical terms. Nautical terms and sayings: An essential part of any fish tale. I will use as many as possible in the writing of The story of a really small fish with a really big name.

1. forward movement; progress in a forward direction: The ship’s headway was slowed by the storm.
c.1300, short for ahead-way; ultimately nautical (cf. leeway). Generalized sense of “motion forward” first attested 1748.

Now, let’s go back even further, to five years ago, when I was determined to send a page a day to my brother while he was in the hospital fighting cancer. I have a sketch that will show you the original idea behind the word “Boo”.  And yes, if you are reading this, you are going to sea why this fish may have the longest or biggest name in the world. I am only trying to be above board as much as possible when showing you the process of creating this book.


Here is the first sketch for the idea of "BOO".


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